01 Are there restrictions on outside caterers or other independent service providers?

There are no restrictions on caterers or any other independent service providers. We do ask that all independent service providers provide Masonic Hall with an insurance certificate prior to your event. We can also recommend great local catering options in the Chelsea/Flatiron area.


02 What does the venue cost include?

The cost of the venue includes the space, exclusive freight car usage during load in and load out, set up of space, tables, chairs, HVAC, refuse disposal and a porter that will be on hand the night of your event to assist you with trash removal.


03 Am I required to buy an alcohol package from Masonic Hall?

Unlike many other event spaces in the area you are not required to purchase an alcohol package from us. If you are serving alcohol at an event we do ask for an insurance certificate that specifies alcohol use is covered. You are also responsible for securing any SLA permits (if required).


04 Are party rentals required to be delivered and picked up on the same day?

No. Rentals are required to be delivered the day of your event and can be picked up the next day.


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